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Essential Worker Update

We spoke with DHS today. We were told they are working on clarification of essential worker status. They will be letting us know what kind of letter or credentials may be needed if any as proof of essential worker status. We will pass this information on to all of you as it becomes available.

Thanks again for all your hard work during this trying time.


PCA service is considered an essential health care service.
This means you are able to continue to work with your clients. Please adhere to the self-quarantine procedures when you are not with your clients. See attached.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you do with and for your clients that depend on you so dearly.

If decide you would like or need more work contact the All Star office, 763-614-4659 as we may have other clients you can help with.

Corona Virus Update & Info

What you can do to prepare, if you or a family member gets ill, or if your community experiences spread of COVID-19.

Start now:
·         Monitor local information about COVID-19 in your community.
·         Practice personal protective measures (e.g., keep social distance when in public and wash hands frequently, especially when in public spaces).
·         Put household plan into action.

New Year

Happy Holidays from all of us at All Star!! 

We would just like to take a minute to say thank you to all of our employees for all they hard work you do. It is greatly appreciated!

We have the new year list of pay periods ready for anyone that needs one. Please stop in and pick one up. We can also email or send one in the mail if needed. 

Here's to a great new year!! May your year be filled with happiness and joy!


We hope you are all staying warm and safe in this frozen tundra!!
I just wanted to remind everyone that when you are sick or unable to make it into work it is your responsibility to call your client and let them know. You also need to call and let us know. We have a messaging service so that even if it is not during normal business hours you can still leave a message.

Chore Service

We are looking for some people to help us with chore service. This isn't a permanent position and will be as needed. If you're looking to make some extra money please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss jobs and pay with you. 

Pay Stubs and W-2's

Just a friendly reminder that if you are looking for copies of your paystubs or your W-2 you can log into and print right from there. If you have never logged into Paychex you will have to create an account by answering a few simple questions. Remember to write down your username and password!


Happy New Year!! 
We just wanted to send out a reminder about time sheets. Please make sure that you are leaving your time sheet in the client book so that they can review it whenever they want to. Also, if you are faxing your time sheet you should be calling us to verify that we received it. 
Thank you!!


Please remember to update us whenever you move or get a new phone number. We need to update that information in our system so that when things need to be mailed out we have the correct address. This is especially important for tax papers. If you do not receive a W-2 in the mail you will have to log on to Paychex to get it there. Thank you!!

Time sheets for Christmas week

Hello everyone,

For the pay period ending on 12/23/18 your time sheets are due no later than 12 

PM on Monday 12/24/18. Any time sheets not in by 12 PM will be late and not 

paid on Friday of this pay period. There will be no exception due to this being 

Christmas week. Thanks for your cooperation.

We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!
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